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Women In Telecoms Roundtable Discussion

On Thursday 4th March, Women In 5G were excited to join the Women in Telecoms executive roundtable at the Future Vision Summit. Uniting female executives from across the world, the roundtable was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the challenge’s women have faced across the globe, and to see the exciting careers these female leaders have paved for themselves. With attendees from across Latin America and Europe, it was an interesting session to understand the parallel challenges faced .

In addition to the Women in 5G team, roundtable participants included:

- Sonia Agnese, Senior Principal Analyst: Latam, OMDIA and CEO, Chicas TIC

- Alex Fazio, Director: Latin America, OMDIA

- Pamela Gidi, Deputy Minister of Telecommunications, SUBTEL Chile

- Elena Estavillo, Chairwomen and Co-founder, CONECTADAS Mexico

- Anita Dohler, Chief Executive Officer, NGMN

- Gema Esteban, Global ESG Advisor, IG4 Capital

- Mireille Helou, Chief Executive Officer, Orange Silicon Valley

- Ivana Werft, Chief Security Officer, Hrvatski Telekom

Some key takeaways:

- Diverse leaders attract diverse talent. A talent pool of women at all levels is needed as a focal point for women looking to enter more male-dominated feels and to inspire career growth and opportunity

- How do we transform leadership? Can women bring skills like empathy and cooperation to the forefront, to support diverse opportunity

- Although gender equality is a term on everyone’s lips, very few companies have actionable plans to boost women in leadership roles and to build a more equal and diverse workforce

- Structural changes are needed to boost women’s involvement in the tech industry – starting from schools, all the way up to companies and public functions to elevate the role of women across industries. Isolated changes will not be enough.

- A meritocracy is not enough. Individuals measurements of success means that meritocracy can just result in people of similar backgrounds and experiences supporting each other

- Are quotas the way to go? They can lead to negative perceptions around promotions, but at the same time to drive more women into leadership roles, to inspire more change

- When most of the jobs of 2030 haven’t been created yet, how do we get young girls to engage in technology, when the uptake of STEM subjects is falling?

- The COVID-19 pandemic has rolled-back progress in equality, with women more likely to have lost their jobs and taken on childcare and education responsibilities during lockdown. What can be done to get these women back into the workforce and ensure that the CV gap doesn’t undermine opportunities for progression

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