Faces of 5G

Faces of 5G celebrates some of the amazing women that are working in 5G right now.

From telecom operators, to solution providers, and team leaders to network operators - women like you are smashing their career goals across the industry!


Poppy Dowell

Head of 5G Acceleration

Wayra UK

"I think there are so many things we can do to support women getting involved in this industry. First of all I think it is opening doors to women, making it clear that not all roles require years of technical experience. I am a strong believer in mentorship and women supporting women and am extremely proud of my all female team at 5PRING (and yes they were the best people for the job). We need to make it a safer place for women to be and to get involved, I love what women in 5G is doing to create this and provide a platform to showcase female talent"

Alison Overson Women in 5G.jpg

Alison Overson

Global Mobility Specialist


"I think it is key for companies  to attract, empower and educate women into leadership positions in the technology industry. We need to promote women to be active at networking and become role models for others to join"

Rebecca Bromwich Women in 5G.jpg

Rebecca Bromwich

Senior Account Director - Telco

Trans Union

"I remember a piece of advice I was given at the European Women in Sales Awards, which has stuck with me. Apparently if a job spec has 20 "must-have" criteria and a woman feels she only hits 19 of these, she won't apply for the role. If a man sees the same job spec and only matches 3 of the criteria, he will apply. The advice was to just go for it anyway, you can learn that missing skill(s) on the job. "

Sarah Waters BT.jpg

Sarah Waters

Senior Manager: IT Partners


"Showcasing the stories and successes of great women leaders in our industry and buddying young women up with mentors to support their ambitions and accelerate their progress will help inspire the next generation."


Kath O'Brien

Senior Manager - Mobile Communications and Strategy


"I have some very shuddery memories of being “patted” on the bottom in one of my first office jobs and being asked to “be a love” and make the tea. I often wish I could send my 45-year-old self back to that time and let them know in no uncertain terms that was not acceptable."