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Caroline Morris  



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Hi! I’m Caroline!

I have worked in Telecoms since I was 24 (so going on 14 years!) and I am a Woman in 5G!


After years of Women being under represented at Global 5G events, I wanted to see if I could do something to make a difference. This is where Women in 5G was born.


My goal is simple; to empower women to grow and develop their careers in this field. I want to break down the barriers and create a talent pool of Women in 5G, who can Network, Innovate & Inspire the future generations.


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Alexandra Craggs


Head of Content and Partnerships

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Hi! I'm Alexandra! 

I have been working in the 5G series for the past year, organising events around the world that examine the hottest topics in 5G. 


I have noticed that although there are some brilliant women working in 5G - in telecoms, solution providers, and enterprise verticals - women are still under represented in the industry.

Women in 5G is here to amplify industry voices, celebrate success at all levels and encourage the next generation of 5G leaders.