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Empowering Women

    working in 5G 

If you search the term 'Women In 5G' you will find numerous articles explaining how 5G connectivity will open up new opportunities for women. While there is no doubt that 5G will transform our lives and society, we cannot forget the brilliant women who are working behind the scenes to bring 5G to a reality.

Women in 5G is here to support and celebrate women working in 5G across telecoms and enterprise and to inspire the next generation of women to lead the transformation of our world.

Creating an Inclusive 5G Future

Our Mission

Celebrate success

Inspire  a generation

Transform the industry

Social Distance in Office

Building a Connected World


Our Vision

To create a talent pool of Women in 5G, who can Network, Innovate & Inspire; not just one another but the future generations.

To break down barriers and create an inclusive industry where we see better representation of Women at the major events and pave the way for a new normal for the next generation.

To bring to life the real "Faces of 5G" and showcase the diverse & exciting careers that this industry has to offer.